Chalgren Enterprises was founded in 1965 by Chet and Alice Green. The couple manufactured electrodes in their home and sold them to Medic Instruments. Chalgren began selling electrodes through distributors in 1978 when Medic closed its doors. Richard Kaiser was brought on board in 1981 to manage the company’s daily operations. The AIDS epidemic in the 1980s significantly altered the industry, as disposable electrodes became the norm in lieu of reusable electrodes. Sales volume at Chalgren increased significantly as a result, and the company reached unprecedented sales in the following years.

Mr. Green passed away in 1988, leaving Mrs. Green as the sole owner of the company. She sold Chalgren to Mr. Kaiser a year later, and the company underwent a massive restructuring. Mr. Kaiser moved production operations away from the kitchen table and into a new facility with individual assembly stations, a clean room, and a coating lab. All production personnel underwent extensive training and a thorough, comprehensive quality control process was implemented.

Disposable electrodes had, for all intents and purposes, made reusable electrodes obsolete by the 1990s. Chalgren began serving clients who were manufacturing overseas but wanted a reputable U.S. vendor that offered faster turn times. The company also grew its reputation as a white label manufacturer during this period. Chalgren formed a partnership with Class A Enterprises in 1991, which led to the formation of our distribution company, Jari Electrode Supply. Jari became the marketing division for Chalgren and Class A electrodes. All three companies were merged in 2004 after Chalgren bought out the other two. Today Chalgren operates out of its Gilroy facility and serve clients in the USA, South Korea, Europe, Brazil, Peru, and Canada.